With first hand experience recovering from brain injury, author and speaker Allan Boss is your go-to for informative and inspirational presentations to inspire your teams.

His leadership experience in the public and nonprofit segment extends more than 20 years. Boss believes culture is a broad term that includes many elements of social wellness: arts, museums, libraries, archives, languages, traditions, spirituality, food, music, sports and the natural environment. He believes these elements are key to understanding identity, fulfillment and social well-being for the betterment of society.

Boss is part of the leadership team with a municipality, where he manages the culture and heritage portfolio including: a class-A art gallery, a Museum and Archives, a performing arts centre. He as led multiple studies, programs, and plans.

Before this, he was on the leadership team at CBC Radio, responsible for Alberta as National Producer of spoken word and drama. He produced for Ideas, The Debaters, Sounds Like Canada, Between the Covers, Monday Night Showcase, and Sunday Night Playhouse and others. His celebrated productions won nominations for Peabody Awards, New York Festivals Awards, Gabriel Awards, and Prix Italia Awards.

His history of community service includes serving as President of the Southern Alberta Brain Injury Society; President of This is my City Arts Society; Steering Committee of the Calgary Distinguished Writers Program; Juror Canadian Comedy Awards and Festival; and Steering Committee National Symposium on Arts Education.

Boss has three degrees, including a Ph.D. and has written articles and columns for numerous publications including Canadian Theatre Review, Alberta Anthology, West-words, and the Globe and Mail and he researched and wrote two ground breaking books on his mentor, cultural polymath Mavor Moore.

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