What to do, what to do

It’s a bit eerie at work these days. The facility I manage is closed, but it doesn’t matter. No one comes to check the door, presses the handle, shakes it, peers through the window, then stands back, scratching their head and wondering why we’re no open until they read the COVID-19 sign on our door: “FACILITY CLOSED: Due to the latest announcements from the provincial health services, the gallery, theatre, and museum are closed until further notice.”

Things are weird. No on is on the streets. The grocery store shelves are sparsely filled.

This morning, one of our team members flew back from a weekend in Vancouver. It’s a domestic flight, and she’s not symptomatic, but still, everybody kept a safe distance. Three metres. She runs our education programs and all her classed have been canceled, but she still has work to do, so we decided she’d work from home for a couple of weeks.

That’s good. Let’s keep her working. She can stay home. Do her work from there. It’s ok. The more we stay away from each other, the better off we’ll all be.

So connect online. Skype. Call your family. Hug your partner, your kids, your hamster.

And if your bored? Try doing something you might not have done before. Spend some time exploring some amazing sites on internet. For example, Google Arts and Culture has a multiplicity of exhibits, like the super cool Peek at Frida Kahlo’s Diary and you can also tour the place she wrote it, her blue house, or the Museo Frida Kahlo. And if you get bored of Netflix and Youtube, check out the 1500 free films at openculture.com where the even have my favourite film maker, Stanley Kubrick’s first feature, Fear and Desire.

I say, work from home. Self distance. Stay healthy, and use the opportunity to see something you haven’t seen, learn something you haven’t learned. Write a diary. Draw a picture. Meditate.

Remember, this too shall pass.

Copyright © Allan Boss

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay 

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