Today was a good day. I woke up early, made coffee, and listened to some news. I nibbled on a slice of homemade bread. The crumbs scattered about because it was a couple days old, but the bread tasted wonderful.

After driving my kids to school, I went to work.

I can work and am happy to have a job. It helps support our family. For that, I am grateful.

I completed three nagging projects (or bits of them) without interruptions. Then a staff member and I met for a one-on-one and there wasn’t much to report. Our team is accomplishing all goals.

I made a couple soy hot dogs for lunch and ate at my desk. I know, the soy thing might make you want to hurl, but I like them. And the truth is, I have something to eat.

Then I went to another meeting, and our CAO thanked us all for a productive year. She said, it’s been a tough one – she’s right – but we had positive results.

Tonight, I have a Christmas concert at my son’s school, and before it we’re going out for dinner. Just a burger, but it’s a great treat for the family.

After the concert, we’ll come home, change and crawl into bed. I’ll read a few chapters of Beast Quest with my boy. (My wife and I take turns, so tomorrow night is with my daughter. We’re reading The Wizard of Earthsea.)

The point of this post is this: I am lucky to have these opportunities. To some, they may not seem like much, but to me they’re everything.

I think the key to finding joy in your life, is finding joy in the little things. If they make you feel good, relish them.

Be Grateful.

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