con·fi·dence /ˈkänfədəns

Sometimes it doesn’t come easy. Confidence. It gnaws at a foot, stops me fast.

Sometimes I feel as though I can conquer the world. Sometime the smallest thing makes me cower.

Something I laugh at mistakes. Sometimes they hinder me, like hemiparesis.

I’m not sure if it’s childhood, or the brain injury, likely a bit of both.

And in those times, confidence shuddering, and retreating, I step up and ask myself these questions:

  1. When have you felt confident, successful? What got you there?
  2. What qualities make you confident?
  3. What are your three greatest strengths? Why are you grateful for them?
  4. List your three greatest challenges. What can they teach you?
  5. What three things did you do well today? Write them down.
  6. Have you given yourself a moment to be Mindful? If not, write down five things you see, five things you hear, three things you can touch, two things you smell, and one thing you can taste.
  7. Think of a time you thought you “failed,” and came to realize the moment was actually a door opening to something better.
  8. What are three things are you good at that you take for granted? Write them down.
  9. Who are the people that support you and your goals? How do they bring out the best in you?
  10. If you had all the confidence in the world, what would you do today? Or in six months? Or in a year?
  11. A confident person accepts helpful feedback without getting defensive. Have you ever taken criticism without it stopping you? When?

Remember, confidence helps you handle life’s difficulties and failures. The more you’re willing to fail, the more you’ll succeed. So fail big and let the experience help you grow.


In the spring of 1990 Allan Boss was in a motor vehicle accident. He suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. His family learned he may never walk again or talk again. yet, he went on to achieve three university degrees, has written/edited four published books, has run four marathons, and is currently writing a non-fiction book about his recovery.

Want to learn more? Email  with the subject Send Me the Free Outline to his book, The Memory Box.

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