What is a TBI?

“Sure,” she said, “I know what TBI means…” and the her chin drops to her chest, she squints her eyes to clarify her vision, then glances up in the air, searching from to one side then to the other and then back again then down to the ground, desperately trying to find meaning. Finally, she stops and says. “No, I’m not sure. What does it stand for?”

“Traumatic brain injury,” I say.

“Right! I knew that. I totally knew that. And you thought I didn’t. It’s a term that describes what happens when somebody gets a brain injury from trauma.”

“Right.” I say. “Do you know what the main causes are? Or who is most likely to suffer a TBI? Or do you know what the symptoms are?”

“I know that you’re giving me a headache.”

“Right. That’s one of them. And if if this conversation is confusing you, you should get checked out because that’s another one…. You’re not nauseous, are you?”

“Not yet,” she says. “Keep talking.”

Joking aside, if you have questions about TBI — causes, effects, definitions, etc. — here’s a link that will answer many Frequently Asked Quesitons about TBI. Learn the signs.


In the spring of 1990 Allan Boss was in a motor vehicle accident. He suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. The attending neurosurgeon informed his family that he would never walk again or talk again. He recovered and finished three university degrees including a Ph.D., has written/edited four published books and his CBC Ideas docudrama “Updrafts” about recovering from brain injury won nominations for multiple international awards including the Peabody and the Prix Italia. He is currently writing a non-fiction book about his recovery.

Want to learn more? Email info@allanboss.ca  with the subject Send Me the Free Outline to the book, The Seven Steps to Healing your Brain.

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